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Seven Hills Ranch Development

  • The County is now accepting comments on the adequacy of the Draft Environmental Impact Report during a public comment period ending on Tuesday, May 10.
  • Seven Hills, in partnership with our land use law firm, will be providing an official response to the EIR with our feedback on its adequacy.
  • Possibly this summer, there will be public hearings at the County level for the Board of Supervisors, along with opportunities for our community to have their voices heard.
  • Read the April 1 update, linked on the sidebar, for more information.

This webpage is to provide our community with updates and resources regarding the potential development of the 32-acre Seven Hills Ranch, situated in an unincorporated area of Walnut Creek adjacent to Heather Farm Park, into a senior community. The Board has had ongoing conversations about this property since the fall of 2018 and is closely following the process.

Spieker Senior Development Partners, a senior housing/community care developer, has submitted a development application to Contra Costa County in order to initiate the planning review and approval process. Spieker is proposing 354 independent living units (302 units in a 550,000 square foot apartment building and 52 single-story residences) and a health care center (housing 100 assisted living units, 33 skilled nursing beds, and 23 memory care units). Based on research conducted to date, it is the Board of Trustees’ view that the project in its current form will have significant environmental and operational impacts on the Seven Hills School during construction.

After reviewing all of the publicly available documents related to the project and discussing the possible long-term impacts on the school, the Board voted unanimously in favor of the position that Seven Hills is opposed to the project as it is currently proposed.

We plan to provide regular updates to our school community regarding important developments in the project's progress. As private citizens, families within our community are welcome to make their voices heard. Resources that you may find helpful are linked below.

Get Involved

We are looking for experts in our network who can weigh in on the EIR, such as geologists, acoustic engineers, real estate developers, pollution control specialists, traffic engineers, and urban and environmental planners.

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Contact at Seven Hills:
Committee Chair, Joel Grossman
Head of School, Kathleen McNamara
Board Chair, Matt Janopaul