Serving Preschool Through 8th Grade in the San Francisco East Bay Since 1962

The Home/School Partnership

Seven Hills is fueled by parent involvement. Our extraordinary parent volunteers work in the classroom, chaperone on field trips, plan and execute more than 35 campus events, chauffeur sports teams, provide strategic counsel to administrative staff, serve on the Board of Trustees, and offer professional services. When our parents register their children for the next school year, they have the opportunity to sign up for one of the 30+ committees organized by our Parent Involvement Association. 

Beyond volunteer hours, they are also generous in our Annual Fund and other fundraising initiatives. Not only do these monies contribute to the school’s operating budget, they help us achieve programmatic improvements and campus growth. Seven Hills’ financial strength is in direct proportion to the generosity of our parent community. The spirit of philanthropy is alive at Seven Hills!

Seven Hills parents are also our greatest ambassadors. On the soccer sidelines, at the neighborhood pool, and around town, if you run into Seven Hills parents, ask them what their family's Seven Hills experience has been. And watch out, they may try to recruit you.

Parent Involvement Association (PIA)
The PIA handles the planning, organizing and coordination of parent volunteers for many of the school's non-academic activities. This august group is organized into more than 30 committees and its events and programs range from the annual Halloween Festival to Support-A-Family, from the fun annual auction to the hugely success PEP program. Volunteer opportunities are as diverse as the parents who take advantage of them, with plenty of opportunities for working parents to contribute. 

When a new family arrives at Seven Hills, the focus is on settling the child into classroom life with new teachers and new friends. Once the student is thriving, parents think about how they will integrate into the school. The PIA's New Parent Welcome Committee is the means by which our parents become part of our community.

Seven Hills parents are extraordinarily generous with their time and talent. They help bring non-academic programs to life, and their energy and commitment inspire faculty and staff alike. — Amy Skepner, Past PIA Co-Chair

Did you know?

Last year, Seven Hills parents logged over 9000 volunteer hours, as they contributed on-campus during the school day, and off-campus, after hours and on weekends.