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Tuition Assistance Instructions

To be eligible for consideration of tuition assistance at Seven Hills, we ask families to go to School and Student Services (SSS) and submit their application and tax documentation by December 15, 2019 for re-enrolling families, and January 15, 2020 for new families applying to Seven Hills. 
  1. Parent Financial Statement (PFS) online. You only have to complete one PFS even if you have several children applying to our school, and pay only one $51 submission fee per family. 
  2. Upload all required documentation to SSS:
  • 2018 Form 1040
  • 2018  W2 Forms and/or 1099 Forms
  • Schedule C (if applicable)
  • 2019 Form 1040 (by 4/15/20)
  • 2019  W2 Forms (by 1/31/20)
Please note that the school code for Seven Hills is 7276. All required documentation must be submitted by the stated deadline in order for a tuition assistance award to be considered.

Please contact Susanne Goldman, Director of ECE-5th Grade Admissions and Tuition Assistance at (925) 933-0666 x 4984 if you have questions. You can also call SSS directly at (800) 344-8328.

Tuition Assistance Deadlines

Re-Enrolling Families: December 15, 2019

New Applicant Families: January 15, 2020