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...the joy of curiosity and exploration, success and setbacks, empathy and action.
From the moment they arrive, our students are on a journey of curiosity and exploration that will prepare them to thrive in a dynamic and diverse world. From preschool through Middle School, learning extends beyond the classroom as students are nurtured and challenged to connect with a whole world of ideas, questions, people, and possibilities.
Beyond mastery of core academic content, we instill an approach to lifelong learning, an indomitable attitude, and a means of navigating complicated challenges that lead to new opportunities. Collaboration with a diverse team is the norm; we want our graduates to understand and embrace both differences and similarities.

As we implement and refine our academic program we focus on critical thinking; communication and media literacy; collaboration, teamwork and leadership; creativity and innovation; core subject mastery; and cross-cultural understanding and global citizenship.

Our graduates are problem-finders and problem-solvers; connectors and contributors; and agents of their own learning. They go on to high school and college careers of depth and meaning, and lives of purpose and fulfillment.
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Click here to see a photo blog of Seven Hills from former Director of Curriculum and Learning Rhys Miller's vantage point, as she worked with teachers to provide a continuum of integrated learning from Preschool through 8th grade.
“We dress them and we feed them, and we love them... It’s you, though, you, the wonderful teachers and faculty of Seven Hills, who teach them how to live, give them the tools to succeed, show them how to be part of a community larger than that of their families, their homes and their streets. You shape these minds, you make them into citizens of the world and you give them the wherewithal to cope with that scary, beautiful, unknown place which lives just outside our village on the hill.”

- Clare, Lower School parent