Serving Preschool Through 8th Grade in the San Francisco East Bay Since 1962

Why An Independent School?

Seven Hills' mission, " develop the intellect, engage the spirit, and foster respect for, and responsibility to, our world," inspires hundreds of East Bay parents to inquire about our school each year. They have heard that our graduates are not just problem-solvers but problem-finders, connectors and contributors, and agents of their own learning.

As these parents conduct online research, talk with neighbors and friends, tour our campus, and think about our school's fit with their families, here are the Top 10 reasons they consider Seven Hills:
  1. A clearly stated school mission, shared by administrators, teachers, parents, and trustees, guides every decision, and a strategic roadmap for the future points everyone in the same direction.
  2. A non-profit agenda means parents can rest assured that our deliberations run through one filter: "How will this enhance the student experience?" And financial stability ensures that we will deliver next year what we delivered this year – a mission-based education, breadth and depth of curriculum, educational opportunities beyond the classroom, inspiring teachers, and a safe environment.
  3. Greater differentiation allows for more individualized attention at all points in the range of mastery.
  4. A commitment to diversity, inclusion, equity, belonging, and various perspectives and worldviews in our community enriches learning outcomes.
  5. A beautiful campus, wholly owned by Seven Hills, on nine acres of former ranchland, allows students to move freely from engaging classrooms to great expanses of outdoor space. We have been here for more than 50 years!
  6. Parent communication is the cornerstone of a sound home-school partnership based on clarity, inclusion, feedback, and transparency.
  7. Independence engenders agility – a great new idea can be implemented with Head of School approval, plain and simple. There is no bureaucracy to serve, no red tape to cut.
  8. A tight and varied parent community makes it easier for families to know each other and share in the joys and challenges of parenting in an increasingly complex world.
  9. Our teachers love what they do and share their enthusiasm with their students every day, and professional development energizes them to remain at the top of their game with new curricular approaches.
  10. A spirit of philanthropy funds physical and program improvements, and helps make Seven Hills accessible to a wide swath of families.
These are just some of the reasons that East Bay parents visit campus and tour our classrooms. They are looking for the school best able to get their children ready for a future we can anticipate but not fully imagine. Please join us on a campus tour or a virtual information session soon!
“Families are attracted to the clarity of the Seven Hills mission, the strength of our faculty, the depth of our community, the proof in our graduates, and the great possibilities ahead of us.”
Seven Hills Board Member