Serving Preschool Through 8th Grade in the San Francisco East Bay Since 1962
“In Red Barn children learn about their world through play. Our materials provide the medium through which children explore, test ideas, acquire information and draw conclusions about the world around them. In each and every area children are learning skills that lay the foundation for learning.”

Did you know?

Last year, the children in Red Barn delved deeply into the theme of kindness, which emerged from their own conversations about friendships. To kick off the project, they dedicated the entire month of February to practicing daily acts of kindness. Kindness and empathy have since become core values within the classroom, aligning with our strong emphasis on social-emotional learning in ECE.

Red Barn Classroom (4’s- 5’s)

In Red Barn, children learn about their world through inquiry, using a wide variety of materials. Our materials provide the medium through which children explore, test ideas, acquire information, and draw conclusions about the world around them. Through developing trust with children and a partnership with parents, Red Barn teachers lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

Through authentic experiences with materials, the outside world, and careful intentional provocations, children learn a wide range of skills related to math, language, science, and their world to get them ready for Kindergarten. These “get set for school skills” are introduced in authentic ways to continue promoting a sense of curiosity and excitement for learning.

Red Barn is an active and engaging program rich in conversation and wonder. Through their conversation, children develop language and literacy as they articulate their ideas and listen to others. Children understand that printed words convey messages as they scribble shopping lists in the dramatic play area, hold up traffic signs in the bike lanes, or dictate stories to teachers for books they have created.

Through long stretches of uninterrupted time and with teacher support and guidance, children are given opportunities to grow their skills in self-regulation, stamina for active engagement, and peer relationships, yielding a foundation for the transition to Kindergarten. 
Red Barn children participate in specialist classes such as music, library, studio, and ecological literacy once a week. Lunch is eaten inside the classroom in small lunch groups and provides a chance to practice conversation skills and manners and learn about new food flavors, textures, and smells, encouraging students to discover new foods at their own pace and nourish their growing bodies.

Most importantly, Red Barn children learn about themselves. They are respected and treated as unique individuals. We also place great emphasis on each individual’s responsibilities as a member of the classroom community. These social skills help contribute to your child’s growing self-confidence.


  • Indoor/Outdoor Exploration
  • Morning Meeting
  • Environmental Stewardship, Small Group Work, or Studio Time
  • Indoor Exploration
  • Library Visit
  • Indoor/Outdoor Exploration
  • Inquiry Groups
  • Lunch
  • Small Group Work
  • Nap (Optional)
  • Reflection Meeting/Dismissal