Serving Preschool Through 8th Grade in the San Francisco East Bay Since 1962

Mission and Philosophy


Seven Hills
is a learning community
with the mission to
develop the intellect,
engage the spirit,
foster respect for,
responsibility to,
our world.

Whole Child Philosophy

A whole child education engages all aspects of what it is to be an integrated and accomplished human; it tends to the academic, emotional, social, and aesthetic life of the child. In fact, there is a chronology – for children to grow intellectually, they must first feel emotionally safe in their learning environment. Only when they feel respected, known and valued, can they venture into the kind of intellectual risk-taking which results in the deepest learning. 

Teachers work hard for each student to be “known” – not only academic strengths and challenges but approaches to learning, as well. Delights and frustrations. Areas of interest and areas that don't pull the student in. The obstacles that stand between the student and that “aha moment” of intellectual or creative breakthrough.

Learning begins with students’ own essential questions and then, with robust student input, the teacher constructs authentic learning experiences that allow students to make choices, think, research, design, create, solve, and share outcomes with others. 

A curriculum of caring starts in the preschool and continues right through graduation day. At those earliest ages, our students learn to take turns and respect others' space.  By 8th grade, they have learned to listen open-mindedly to divergent points of view and embrace differences. In-between, there are hundreds of moments in which teachers guide their students to emotional intelligence while teaching appropriate self-advocacy, conflict resolution, and restorative justice. Seven Hills embeds cultural competency and social justice throughout our curriculum and programming for students and adults.

Seven Beliefs for Seven Hills

At Seven Hills, we believe that...

  • Every student deserves a whole child education that balances academic excellence with social and emotional development.
  • Learning is joyful. Through an integrated and experiential program, students are taught compassion, agency, and collaboration.
  • Passionate, creative faculty challenge, nurture and inspire each child.
  • Our vibrant community is connected by over five decades of service and lifelong learning.
  • Our commitment to diversity and inclusion fosters cultural competency and global understanding.
  • Our beautiful, natural campus provides unique opportunities for student engagement, innovation and wonder.
  • Effective stewardship of our financial, physical, and philanthropic resources is a shared responsibility.


From the youngest age, Seven Hills students learn that living by these simple tenets will help them learn, grow, and contribute to our learning community:
Be respectful
Be responsible
Be honest
Be caring
Be positive
Be mindful
Be grateful