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We love to give our students experiences that help them find hidden talents and encourage them to take valuable risks.

Did you know?

Seven Hills offers a myriad of healthy opportunities for students - teams, clubs, and fitness programs. There is something for everyone and almost all of our Middle School students participate.

Sports & Fitness

With the theme, “Fitness for Life,” our goal is to inspire movement, healthy habits, good sportsmanship, positive attitudes and acceptance of all skill levels. Faculty teach that physical activity is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. Our Middle School students learn and play a variety of team and individual sports. More importantly, they learn how to design and incorporate a fitness program that specifically suits them. 
Each year a different emphasis is established and supported by the selected games and activities. In sixth grade the students work on cooperation, teamwork and achieving a common goal. Children are not just told to cooperate but given opportunities to hone skills, verbal and non-verbal, to facilitate cooperation and team building. To support problem solving experiences in other classes, students use teamwork to master spatial puzzles. Learning to listen to and analyze differing opinions as the group works towards consensus, is integrated into the physical education curriculum. 
In seventh and eighth grade, students continue to work on teamwork and add decision making and meeting challenges as individuals. Risk taking, be it a new sport or a personal goal is supported by our P.E. classes. Students know they are supported by the faculty and their peers as they “take a chance” at something new. 
The P.E. program uses our full-court gym, two large sports courts, and our all-weather turf field. Sports include volleyball, wiffleball, badminton, dance,bocce ball, pickleball, rock climbing, soccer, health, backyard games, hockey, basketball, ultimate frisbee, fitness, and cooperative games.