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Annual Fund

Our top fundraising priority each year, the Annual Fund helps bridge the gap between the income we receive from tuition and the actual cost of the Seven Hills experience. It provides essential support for every aspect of school life and enhances the student experience at every turn. The Annual Fund helps fuel our experience-rich curriculum; attracts and competitively compensates the very best teachers; allows the school to be nimble in unprecedented times, ensures greater differentiation with low student-teacher ratios; and maintains our beautiful 9-acre campus and outdoor learning spaces. Each year, every member of the community is asked to contribute to the Annual Fund. Your gift gives current students the opportunity to learn, imagine, create, explore, and lead—adding the extra in extraordinary.


List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: How does the CARES Act Impact Charitable Giving in 2020?

    The CARES Act (Stimulus Response to COVID-19) provides unique new tax benefits for donors that are only available in 2020. The $2 trillion legislative package to combat the coronavirus pandemic brought much needed economic relief to employers, employees, and individuals impacted by the COVID-19 virus. In addition, this legislation made several changes to charitable contribution limitations rules for individuals and corporations.

    Please click here to view a summary of key provisions that may have an impact on your charitable plans for 2020.
  • Q: Why is the Annual Fund important for Seven Hills?

    The Annual Fund helps to bridge the gap between tuition income and the true cost of a Seven Hills school education. This is Seven Hills’ top fundraising priority each year, supporting nearly every facet of our students’ education.
  • Q: What will my gift support?

    Each year, the Annual Fund touches all aspects of the student experience and supports ongoing school priorities. Here are a few examples of how your support will help Seven Hills add the extra in extraordinary

    • Our robust and recently expanded teaching teams: collaborative teams in math, science, history, music, student support, and more deepen student learning through enhanced coordination for a more seamless and holistic student experience. 
    • Transforming and enhancing our campus for a safe re-opening: new classroom buildings, additional outdoor learning spaces, a full-time health coordinator and new health center, touchless faucets and washing stations, and more.
    • Allowing for significant investments in campus technology and infrastructure to establish a strong distance learning program.
    • More personalized instruction and greater differentiation through optimized teacher-student ratios in the classroom and specialties like science, art, and world language. 
    • New furniture and materials in classrooms that accommodate various learning styles and create learning spaces that are conducive to open collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and student choice.
  • Q: Why is 100% participation important?

    A high level of participation in the Annual Fund is a tangible demonstration of our community’s belief in the school, its mission, and its promise to future generations. Last year, the school raised more than $575,000 in Annual Fund support with 95 percent of parents and 100 percent of trustees and employees participating in this effort. We seek 100 percent participation from current families each and every year.
  • Q: How much should I give to the Annual Fund?

    We encourage every member of the community to make a personally meaningful gift — no gift is too large or too small, and all donations are tax-deductible. We hope that as many families as possible can meet or exceed our leadership giving level, which begins at $3,000, to help us meet our annual financial goals. Collectively, we will close the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating each and every Seven Hills student.
  • Q: Why not just raise tuition?

    Seven Hills strives to keep tuition as low as possible to provide access to more families by keeping the school more affordable. With tuition intentionally set below full cost, the Annual Fund gives families the opportunity to support the school through tax-deductible donations and not just tuition increases. Every Seven Hills student benefits from the Annual Fund because dollars raised surpass what is possible with tuition alone and enhances every student’s experience.
  • Q: How do I give?

    We welcome contributions by credit or debit card, direct debit, check, or stock/securities. You can make a pledge now and pay by June 1, 2021. Click here to make a gift or pledge online. 

    If you have questions or would like to make a gift of securities, please contact: 

    Dan Murphy
    Annual Fund and Alumni Relations Manager
    (925) 974-4986
  • Q: What is a matching gift?

    Many employers offer generous matching gift programs, helping to double or triple your donation to Seven Hills! It is like free money, and you get full credit for the total donation amount. Please check with your employer to see if they participate in a matching gift program.
  • Q: Why is alumni participation important?

    Many of our alumni tell us that Seven Hills provided them with a strong educational foundation, and instilled in them a lifelong passion for learning, and the confidence to take on life’s challenges. Just as annual gifts supported your education in your years at Seven Hills, your gift ensures that the school can provide the same remarkable experience for the current generation. In addition, strong alumni support provides a tangible measure of the value that graduates place on their Seven Hills education.