Serving Preschool Through 8th Grade in the San Francisco East Bay Since 1962

We are...the Kids' Green Committee!

Our beautiful, natural campus not only meets the needs of 21st-century learners but also serves as the “third teacher,” designed to encourage stewardship, mutual respect, and appreciation for the environment.

The Kids' Green Committee and Middle School Green Committee are action-based environmental groups of students with a mission to educate the wider school community about green ideas and to celebrate the successes of green actions. The committee's curriculum and projects emerge from the interests and concerns of the members during weekly lunch meetings.

The Green Kids are full of ideas! Here are just a few that have been implemented on campus:

  • Training “sorting coaches” to teach peers how to properly sort their green waste, recyclables, and landfill at lunch
  • Reclaiming water and liquids from the landfill to help the water cycle during the drought
  • Producing a PSA video describing the environmental effects of plastic straws and suggesting alternatives
  • Spearheading an effort to “bring your own fork” from home to encourage reusable
  • Diverting wax from the landfill by establishing a crayon collection site to send used crayons to the Crayon Initiative to repurpose for children in hospitals
  • Feeding vegetable scraps from lunch to classroom guinea pigs, rabbits, and campus chickens
  • Creating a “Promises to our Planet” mural with parent volunteers, displayed at Evening of Art, Innovation & Greenstival, to invite guests to make a “green” Commitment
  • Raising more than $500 for the Climate Museum through a Middle School lunch sale of homemade lemon items

Through incremental changes, we model the active stewardship of our school and the surrounding environment.
The Kids' Green Committee was established in 2013, by a single 5th grade student. The Committee has since grown to more than 50 members who maintain a number of green programs within the school community.