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In this class, we study music, art, drama, speech and debate, technology, film, photography, and media literacy, and learn how all of these media fit together into an artistic, cohesive whole.

Did you know?

In the most recent Parent Satisfaction Survey, 99% of Seven Hills parents say they are very satisfied with the Middle School's Integrated Expressive Arts.

Music and Performing Arts

Performing Arts
Performing Arts allows students to discover and develop the creative, imaginative, and inventive components of their lives. The class incorporates multiple art disciplines, using a project-based curriculum to provide the opportunity for students to explore avenues of self-expression. In this class, we study music, art, drama, speech and debate, technology, film, photography, and media literacy and learn how these media fit into an artistic, cohesive whole.

The curriculum is designed to reflect and support the rest of the Middle School curriculum. By the time our students reach the eighth grade, they are fully immersed in the world of dramatic arts, preparing for their journey to the Oregon Shakespeare Theater in Ashland. Upon their return, they further expand their horizons by exploring and practicing various aspects of performance, including dancing, singing, instrumental music, and even foreign languages, in anticipation of their trip to Japan in February.

Throughout the school year, Seven Hills students are presented with numerous opportunities to showcase their talents, whether in formal performances or more informal settings. The class takes place in a state-of-the-art theatre, which provides an opportunity for all performances to be of the highest caliber and gives the students performance opportunities that develop their character, confidence, and self-esteem. Live performances foster a sense of well-roundedness and nurture qualities like courage, fearlessness, and a lifelong passion for learning.


The Middle School program offers three music class options:

String Orchestra
The cross-grade orchestra is made up of 6th-8th Graders, from absolute beginner to intermediate/advanced players, who share a common goal: to create music through individual practice, growth in musicianship, and most of all, collaboration. As they begin to learn their instruments, students will be given the voluntary opportunity to perform for each other and their peers to use their newly acquired skills to collaborate with other classes/grades at various school-wide events throughout the year.

Choir is a class designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of vocal music, choral singing, and music theory. Through rehearsal, in-class performance, and music education activities, students will develop their vocal skills, teamwork, and a love for singing.

Digital Music
Students will learn how to create, edit, and produce music using sound editing software.