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Early Childhood FAQs

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: How old does my child need to be to apply?

    A child must be 33 months (2 years, 9 months) by September 1, or 3 years old by December 1, for two years in our Rainbow classroom. A child must be 4 years old by September 1 to enroll in our Red Barn classroom.
  • Q: Does my child have to be “potty-trained”?

    Yes, a child must be completely potty trained by their first day of school if accepted to our program. This ensures our high teacher-to-student ratio.
  • Q: What’s the admissions process for the Early Childhood Education program?

    For the complete steps to apply, visit the Admissions Overview page and click "Preschool" or "Pre-Kindergarten."
  • Q: What do meal times look like?

    In partnership with Epicurean Group, the Community Lunch Program aims to connect our community, maintain equity, promote healthy choices, and align with our green values.

    All snacks and lunch will be provided by the school and served by adults in the child’s classroom.

    Meals are prepared in accordance with USDA guidelines and will include items from at least two food groups for snack and multiple food groups for lunch. A menu will be posted online each month. We provide 1% milk at lunch.

    A variety of food will be available at each meal, so children will have the opportunity to make some choices for themselves. Children are encouraged to try new foods, but their boundaries are respected and honored. Meal times can be deeply fulfilling, sparking authentic conversations between children and adults alike.
  • Q: Does my child have to nap?

    All children are given the option to nap or rest in a separate and quiet nap room for true sleepers. All others are invited to engage in “downtime” activities to inspire introspective, reflective, and quiet work.
  • Q: Is Extended Day care offered?

    Yes, before and after school care is available 7:00-8:30am and 2:30-6:00pm.
Please contact Director of Admission Susanne Goldman with questions about Seven Hills and our admissions process. We look forward to connecting with you!