Serving Preschool Through 8th Grade in the San Francisco East Bay Since 1962

Education Excellence in the East Bay

Founded in 1962 under the name St. Stephen’s Day School, Seven Hills was born out of the vision of East Bay parents who wanted to create a different kind of educational experience for their children. Combining academic excellence with character-building, the school aimed to equip children with not only knowledge but the confidence and agility needed in an ever-evolving world. Initially situated in Orinda, Seven Hills later found its permanent home at Seven Hills Ranch in Walnut Creek, where it thrives today. Inspired by the natural splendor of its surroundings, school leaders changed the name of the school to The Seven Hills School. 
As local families were increasingly drawn to Seven Hills’ educational mission, Bill Miller became the Head of School, a position he held for 23 years. Bill brought a wealth of experience in school leadership from independent schools in San Francisco and was attracted to the high quality of teachers at Seven Hills. His ability to hire, lead, inspire, encourage, and challenge Seven Hills faculty has been a hallmark of the school’s success.

In July 2015, Kathleen McNamara became Seven Hills' Head of School. Kathleen was attracted to the clarity of the Seven Hills mission, the strength of our faculty, the depth of our community, the proof in our graduates, and the great possibilities ahead of us. In 2019, Kathleen and the Board of Trustees launched an updated strategic plan, Whole Child, Whole Community, with the three pillars of the school's mission statement as its theme.

From its humble beginnings as an idea shared by a few dream-building parents, Seven Hills now serves over 400 students and their 271 families. Over the past 60 years, its impact has positively affected alumni, their families, and the communities to which they all contribute.

Did you know?

Seven Hills was founded in 1962, in Orinda, and moved to our beautiful nine-acre campus in Walnut Creek just a few years later.
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