Serving Preschool Through 8th Grade in the San Francisco East Bay Since 1962
No words can describe how much fun it is for me to see [our son] so enthralled with the process of editing his own work...not us editing mind you, but HIM re-writing "to come up with better words." Thanks for all you do to help make that possible. Confident kids given tools sure can do wonders.
— Jennifer, Middle School parent

Did you know?

6th, 7th, and 8th grade Language Arts students will have the opportunity to meet and work with two notable YA authors, John David Anderson and Matt de la Peña.

Language Arts

Middle School Language Arts builds on the writing, reading, and speaking foundation begun in Lower School. Students explore units designed through Columbia University Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. Writing assignments at the Middle School level include narrative, research based informative writing, and persuasive units of study. Writing involves self-exploration, partnership, and student collaboration in the process of brainstorming, outlining, revision, and editing.
Reading skills focus on increasing vocabulary, critical thinking, and comprehension. All three grades offer independent reading choice in addition to assigned in-class literature. Students are exposed to a diverse group of authors and literary genres including Flying Lessons and Other Stories, ed. by Ellen Oh; and Open Mic: Riffs on Life Between Cultures in Ten Voices, ed. by Mitali Perkins.
Grammar, vocabulary, and usage are interwoven components of the Language Arts curriculum. The grammar program includes sentence analysis and examines writing style in a variety of genres. Middle School students are enrolled in Membean, an online vocabulary program that differentiates learning and tracks progress over time.
It is our intention to instill a lasting appreciation for literature and help nurture active literacy, strong presentation skills, and a distinct writing voice in our students.