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Community Lunch Update: June 2018

During the spring auction, we introduced our exciting new community initiative, A Fresh Vision for School Lunch! Now that we’re heading into the summer, we want to share a progress update.
Recognizing a need to better serve our students, this initiative envisions an improved on-campus food experience for lunch, snacks, and special events. We imagine tasty and nutritious meals prepared in a renovated and expanded commercial-grade Tenvold kitchen, to be served and enjoyed in a new outdoor community dining and multipurpose space.
  • During May, we reviewed proposals from four well-known on-site school food providers. Within the next few weeks we’ll select the partner that meets our numerous criteria, including having a strong reputation among independent schools, embracing sustainable practices, and offering fresh cooked-from-scratch meals.
  • Once a partner is chosen, we plan to move forward with the Tenvold kitchen expansion and upgrade, with the goal of breaking ground this fall once the design and permits are approved.
  • With onsite food service, both Lower School and Middle School students will head to Tenvold for lunch. To accommodate the additional students sharing lunch on the upper campus, we will create additional seating space adjacent to Tenvold—a new spot on campus to be known as the Student Commons. The Student Commons will not only provide beautiful lunchtime seating, but also multipurpose learning and gathering space.
  • In early August, the existing pool will be removed and replaced with hardscaping and landscaping for the new Student Commons. We have started conversations with nearby Heather Farm Park, which has a terrific swim facility that can be used for classes and special events when needed.
  • Choice Lunch will continue to be our vendor until we make the official switchover to the new on-site food provider.
Here's what we hope to share over the summer and throughout the fall as we know more details:
  • The selected food provider
  • A construction update for the Student Commons project
  • The construction schedule for the Tenvold expansion
  • The target start date for serving lunch
  • The cost of program for families
Thank you for your generosity during Raise the Paddle in March and your contributions toward this exciting initiative. We will continue monthly email updates during the summer and fall, and will also post them at Keep your eyes out for more news to follow!
Kathleen McNamara
Head of School
Michael Chamberlain
Director of Finance and Operations