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Middle School Students Explore New Scanning Electron Microscope

With a generous gift to the science program from a Seven Hills donor, Seven Hills was able to purchase and acquire its own scanning electron microscope (SEM).
A long sought-after piece of equipment for the Seven Hills science lab, this microscope is giving students the opportunity to explore different specimens and structures with stunning magnification.

Unlike optical microscopes that use light to magnify an object, scanning electron microscopes use a beam of focused, electrons to scan the surface of objects, and are capable of magnifying an object up to 25,000 times! The microscope is specially designed for studying the surface and texture of solid objects, revealing details down to the nanoscale level on a computer screen next to the machine.

A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Shargel and Ms. Kaye’s students excitedly gathered around to witness the delivery and installation of their newest addition to the lab. Students in our middle school chemistry and biology classes have already started processing and examining samples and substances with some amazing results and choruses of ‘wows!’.  The simple function and user-friendly design of our SEM allow students to take the controls of this powerful tool.

As students enjoy hands-on experiences exploring the microscopic world smaller than the wavelengths of light, we hope that they continue to be excited about studying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Seven Hills is grateful for the opportunity to implement state-of-the-art microscope technology in Middle School classes to inspire the next generation of scientists.