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Return of Middle School International Travel

After a several-year pause, international trips made a welcomed return to the Middle School curriculum during the 2022-23 school year.
These trips are defining moments in Seven Hills’ experiential education, shaping students’ global perspectives and developing a sense of their place in both our local community and the wider world.

In February, 7th grade students embarked on a remarkable journey to the battlefields of Europe, bringing their studies of World War II to life. Simultaneously, our 8th graders voyaged to Japan, rekindling a cherished international cultural exchange program that began in 1999 with students from Kita City. A contingent of students who didn’t travel internationally enjoyed enriching local excursions to museums and cultural sites across the Bay Area. All these immersive experiences serve to expand horizons, unveil new possibilities, and bring our world closer together.

Traveling abroad allows students to form meaningful connections with their peers and locals from different backgrounds, all while making the history lessons in their textbooks more tangible and memorable. At the same time, as students learn to navigate through new environments, manage their belongings, and engage with people from different backgrounds, they cultivate essential life skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.