Serving Preschool Through 8th Grade in the San Francisco East Bay Since 1962

Student Support

Seven Hills Student Support Services Program provides assistance for students with a variety of learning strengths and challenges. This program is based on the team approach to identify learning needs and create an individual plan of support to help all students reach their full potential. In addition to including the administrator, the classroom teacher, and the parents of the student, the Student Support Team is comprised of the following professionals:

  • Cora Davidson, Student Support Specialist Grades 4-8. Cora works individually or in small groups with students, providing support and initiating the plan that is determined by the team. She works closely with teachers and parents to modify and extend the program as needed.
  • Beth Wadsworth: Student Support Specialist, ECE -3rd.
  • Cynthia Cogswell: Speech Therapist. Cynthia provides preliminary speech screening, feedback to the team, and on-going speech therapy. (Speech Therapy is offered on a fee basis.)