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Uniform FAQs

Lands' End is Seven Hills' official provider of uniforms. All students in grades K-5 wear a uniform; ECE and Middle School students do not require uniforms. Every Friday, K-5 students are allowed to choose their own clothing, which is referred to as free dress Friday.

There is no need to purchase all of the items available for your child—you may pick and choose what you like, staying within the list of approved items. We also highly recommend rounding out your uniform collection with the Second Time Around Shop. If your entire uniform doesn’t arrive exactly by the first day, please do not worry.

Please review the below FAQs for further information and to visit our Seven Hills uniform site.

Grades K-5 Uniform FAQs

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • How do I order school uniforms?

    • Our preferred uniform vendor is Lands' End. To see approved items and choose spirit wear, you can create an account on the Lands' End website.
    • Preferred school number: 900137373
    • Lands' End is often having sales promotions (up to 60% off)—look for the best deal when shopping!
  • What should I order? How does it fit?

    Before making any selections please note the following from our student handbook:
    • Our uniform dress code has been developed for style, fit, price, durability, and suitability. Our vendor is Lands’ End; all items on the Seven Hills School Lands’ End web pages are approved to wear. Please select what works for you—there is no need to purchase all of the items.
    • We know that some items may not fit all students well, so you may purchase clothing from other retailers as long as the color and style match what you see on the Lands’ End website.
    • We highly encourage the use of the Second Time Around shop on campus, which offers parents the opportunity to find "gently worn" school uniform items at substantial savings of $5 per item.
  • Seven Hills Logo

    • All students MUST have (at least) one SHS logo polo shirt for field trips, off-campus activities, and school performances.
    • Logo gear can only be purchased from Lands' End or the Second Time Around shop.
    • Lands' End offers two approved logo options: left-justified or the SHS hills logo (see below).
    • Adding the logo to an item from Lands' End is an additional fee ($5.95).
  • Sizing

    • Lands' End sizing is true to fit.
    • You can return any Lands' End clothing without the monogrammed logo—OR—exchange any items monogrammed within 90 days of ordering.
  • Spirit Wear

    • Spirit wear includes additional approved school items for students, siblings, and adults.
    • Directions for creating a spirit wear account are on the Lands' End site. You will select 'spirit wear' as the grade.
    • The most popular items are the hooded and zip-front sweatshirts, short and long sleeve t-shirts, and the insulated jacket and vest.
    • These items may also be monogrammed and provide more logo choices (“LS paw print,” etc.).
    • Adding the logo to an item from Lands' End is an additional fee ($5.95).
  • Green & White Days and Free Dress Fridays

    • One Wednesday per month, K-5 students attend a Green & White assembly. On "Green and White Days," students may wear non-school uniform clothes that are green and white.
    • Every Friday, students are allowed to choose their own clothing—this is referred to as free dress Friday.
    • The school uniform is also acceptable on Green & White Days and Fridays.
  • Outerwear, Legwear & Footwear

    • Per our student handbook: Hats may be worn outdoors with any team/symbol affiliation. Any kind of sweatshirt/jacket may be worn for outdoor play. Spirit wear (anything with a Jags/school logo) is always acceptable as outerwear.
    • Any kind of tights or leggings may be worn for warmth under uniform dresses, skirts, and jumpers.
    • Students should wear rubber-soled, closed-toed shoes, such as tennis shoes.
  • Any tips/advice?

    • All Lands' End clothing washes and dries well, although you will see some fading of colors. It's best to treat stains in advance of washing.
    • Gap, Old Navy, The Children's Place, J. Crew, and Target (Cat & Jack brand) offer many clothing items (polos, khaki shorts/pants, and skirts) in our school colors: navy, hunter green, white, and khaki bottoms.
    • As long as the lengths, colors, and fits are similar, you may purchase bottoms from another store.
    • Find clothes that are comfortable, affordable, and that your student feels themselves in—they do not all have to wear clothes with the logo or from Lands' End.
    • Less is more! Our room parents recommend starting the year with two logo shirts or two polo dresses from Lands’ End, plus a sweatshirt or two, and then supplementing with the Second Time Around shop and polos and shorts from Target.
    • School logo

    • Left-justified logo