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Recipe for Mint Tea In Red Barn

Linden Van Wert, Green Initiatives
Seven Hills Red Barn (Pre-Kindergarten)
1. Enlist 10 four year olds at a time to troop down to the Administration Building.
2. Show them the five different mint plantings: Lemon, Chocolate, Spearmint, Peppermint and Orange.
3. Demonstrate how to pinch off leaves (rather than yank).
4. Smell the differences.
5. Have everyone take their three leaves into the teachers' break room.
6. Sit on one of the green couches. If there are adults seated there, say, "Excuse me. May I sit here too?"
7. Put all the leaves in a single big teacup.
8. Take a turn crushing the leaves (five times) with a spoon.
9. Add water and a packet of sugar.
10. Heat in the microwave.
11. Enjoy!
12. When done, recycle your little cup. The leaves go in the green bin.